2020 Scholarship Program Graduation

March 26, 2021

Feb. 27th, 2021

Two parents who applied for our scholarship program have been selected as the scholarship winners. With their hard work and dedication, Monica and Lakisha have persevered in achieving aid from Precious Lamb! As the road to success continues for these two wonderful individuals, they have the opportunity to prosper in finishing their vision and achieve greatness in their lives!

With the help from our financial advisor, our social worker, and the scholarship team, Monica and Lakisha have the necessary tools to overcome many of the obstacles within their lives, as well as have a support group that will always be there for any guidance or advice. Although it took much dedication to reach the finish line, we are deeply proud of their efforts and perseverance to achieving our Precious Lamb Scholarship. May God guide you both to the path of glory in your favor!