Founder Sharalyn Shaw-Croft's Story

May 29, 2024

forward-Sharalyn_Shaw-Croft.jpgEven before he was born, Caleb (not his real name) experienced the effects of drugs while his brain and rest of his body were forming. His first few years of life were filled with trauma and he and his pregnant mother found themselves living in a shelter. As a result, Caleb was highly impulsive and his anger flowed out like lava from a volcano. He spit at me, yelled, ran around, and threw chairs at me when things didn’t go his way or he wanted attention.

Day in and day out, we loved Caleb. We spent time with him, loved him, talked with him about his anger, taught him that choices have consequences...either good or negative, and reminded him that each of us is responsible for the choices we make. Caleb came to really enjoy talking with our puppets and listening to stories... especially ones from the Bible. Over time, and with lots of intention, teaching, prayer and love, Caleb’s heart and actions began to soften and healing took place. In fact, of all of the books on the shelf, each day Caleb chose the Bible story book and asked me to read it to him. Day after day, I would read them to him and later he would excitedly tell me the Bible stories from the book by heart.

Months later, my heart broke when Caleb’s mom left her shelter and stopped bringing Caleb to Precious Lamb. Although Caleb had been the most challenging for me to work with, my heart had grown to love that little boy. Rumor had it his mom might put Caleb up for adoption and I had thought seriously of adopting him. The opportunity never arose.

Time passed and Caleb showed up at Precious Lamb one day to “say good-bye.” His mom left him at Precious Lamb for a few hours so he could visit. I will never forget that morning as the children played upstairs in the gym. In the midst of running around and playing games with the other children, Caleb spontaneously came over to me and said, “We’re moving. My mom isn’t making good choices. But I LOVE God and I’m ALWAYS going to obey Him!!!” Wow...such wisdom straight from the mouth of a four-year-old.

Caleb’s transformation of heart and behavior is just one of many that have taken place at Precious Lamb. Education, healing and hope plant seeds that sprout in the present and take root for the future. What an honor to be a part of lives growing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually!”

- Sharalyn Shaw-Croft