It's The Little Things

Mother's Day 2019

May 22, 2019

Last weekend nearly 40 of our moms, both past and present, gathered for our annual Mother’s Day brunch. Painting has become the clear crowd favorite for our parents, who again asked to do a Paint Party (maybe it’s the calming effect of the brush stroke? The good conversation and company? The Quiches and coffee? All of the above? YES!). Taking a moment for yourself is always a challenge. Couple that with parenting, often alone, living in transitional housing, and facing hardships make that moment all the more valuable. The little things, like spending time with other adults, sharing in a creative project, eating a meal together, and receiving a small gift can mean all the world to someone.

Our Mother’s Day event is more than just a brunch. It’s more than just a Paint Party. It’s fellowship, it’s breaking bread, it’s giving and receiving, it’s letting down walls to share what you need and how you can help another in need.

Every part that someone played made the entire morning a success. To the volunteers who helped set up and clean up, the donors that gave gift bags and Walmart cards, the ladies who made beautiful floral bouquets and wrote encouraging cards, the art teacher leading instruction, the group that made an amazing brunch, the gals that came jut to offer support and friendship, the local High Schoolers who ran daycare fro almost 50 kids! We see you and thank you! Precious Lamb is unlike any other school for the disenfranchised; we are truly a family.